About HTC, Inc.

High-Tech Consulting Inc., (HTC) was founded with a vision to provide business solutions driven by Information Technology and Clinical Research at the best value to our customers. At HTC, we search the globe to find the best talent, technology and solutions to offer our clients a one-stop solution for their technology needs.

We are leading provider of IT and professional services to corporate clients in Canada and US. We are a privately held company, established in 2002 with offices in Toronto, Canada and Pune, India. HTC provides highly customized integration, networking and Internet services as well as application development, technical support and software customization for a wide range of businesses nationwide. Our engineers and consultants are seasoned, skilled professionals As a complete solutions provider, HTC is able to provide its clients with a single, tightly integrated system developed by the same team of skilled engineers from end-to-end. This "single source" approach saves High-Tech Consulting Inc. client's time and money they would otherwise spend searching for multiple vendors to provide individual services.