Staffing Services

HTC provides the following staff augmentation services:

  • Consulting: Contractors provided to clients on a time and material basis.
  • Temporary to Permanent Placements: Contractors provided to clients on a time and material basis.
         The contractor can be hired after an agreed-upon period of time.


HTC is in search for the right talent Is backed by a very systematic and structured approach.

Study the Client:

Our experts at HTC believe that every client is unique with respect to the processes, culture, methodologies and expectations. Our experience has shown that understanding these client specific requirements and sharing them upfront with the candidate helps build a long-term relationship between the client and the candidate.

Analyze the Requirement:

Our seasoned recruiters work closely with the hiring manager to understand the requirements. This helps HTC spell out clearly the type of the candidate the client is looking for with respect to the skills, competencies, team size the candidate will be working with, the type of role expected out of the candidate and the timelines of the project.

Interview Process:

Once the requirements and the timelines of sourcing the candidates are finalized with the client, our recruiting team starts working together to find the ideal candidate. We search our internal database, which has candidates who have worked with us in the past or candidates who have been referred by our consultants. The search is not limited to our internal database but expands to various job boards and our network. Once the candidates have been short-listed they go thru our three-step interview process. Our first tier of recruiters test them on basic technical and communication skills. They discuss the position, team structure, culture and expectation of the client in details with the candidate. If the candidate is interested and qualified they go thru our more extensive technical interview which depending on circumstances can be telephonic or in-person or in some cases using the latest web technologies. The successful candidates are then presented to the client for a final interview. Since HTC value the client’s time we make sure to get feedback from the client after every interview and depending on the feedback tweak our search criteria to make the hiring process as smooth as possible.

Connect the Candidate:

We at HTC understand that moving to a new space is always a challenge. We work closely with the candidate and client to make sure this process is as smooth and seamless as possible. Our experts believe that the earlier the candidate settles down in the new place the faster will he /she starts producing results. A regular feedback from the client helps us make sure that the candidate is meeting the expectation and producing results as expected by the client.


HTC brings a very flexible yet a robust model for its clients. At HTC our experts work with the clients to understand the requirements and offer them both temporary and permanent workers. With our global reach we offer the flexibility of both onsite and offshore model to help them mange their requirements.